Center for Caregiver Support

Being a caregiver for a loved one with a terminal illness can be a deeply emotional and profoundly rewarding experience that poses many logistical and medical challenges. The Center for Caregiver Support is a crucial resource for every caregiver along each stage of their loved one’s healthcare journey.

The Center for Caregiver Support provides four programmatic areas to address the medical, emotional, and practical needs of your family.

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Case Management

Managing the logistical details of your loved one’s illness can feel overwhelming but you don’t have to carry that burden alone. Clinical case managers, knowledgeable in all areas of end-of-life dealings,

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Respite Care

Every caregiver needs time away to recharge. The Center for Caregiver Support offers a variety of respite programs to fit your family’s needs. All elements of the programs are guided by the philosophy of person-centered care.

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Caregiver Education

At YoloCares, we believe that we are first and foremost an educational agency. We are here to teach you the ins and outs of providing care to your loved one at every stage of their disease progression. Workshops and seminars are available to help you master the practical skills of caregiving.

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Peer and Social Support

Having a support network and an outlet for emotional needs is crucial for caregivers. The Center for Caregiver Support offers caregiver retreats, peer support groups as well as one-on-one and group bereavement counseling to help caregivers connect with a greater community and process the emotional burden of caring for a loved one.


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The Center for Caregiver Support is generously funded by the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation and Sutter Health.