Make a Referral

“Our team is available seven days a week to help you through the process of obtaining a hospice referral. Whether you have questions regarding our services or you need help working with your physician to obtain a hospice or palliative care order, we are here to support you every step of the way.”
— Lisa Marie Adams, Manager of Patient Access and Medical Records

Refer a Loved One to World-Class Care

Healthcare providers, including discharge planners, physicians, social workers, hospitalists, case managers, home health nurses, physician office staff and facility staff may call our office at 1-800-491-7711 or send a linked fax sheet to fax number 530-758-9017 at any time to make a referral.

If you feel your loved one could use individualized and compassionate care that aligns with their wishes, please call our offices at 1-800-491-7711 to learn more.

If you would like to submit a referral online, please complete the form below and a member of the patient access team will follow up with you.

If you are a physician who is referring a patient to YoloCares, please use the fax sheet below.

What to Expect

Once our patient access team receives your loved one’s referral, they will contact you to gather more information about your loved one and to schedule an admission visit with our skilled admissions team at the current residence of the person who needs care.

During the admission visit, you and your loved one will meet with an expert registered nurse and a licensed clinical social worker who are trained to listen carefully to the wishes and care goals of the patient and family. The visit will include a physical examination and in-depth discussion regarding your loved one’s goals of care as well as their psychosocial and spiritual needs.