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Top-of-Class Care

YoloCares is fully accredited, carrying the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, and twice-named a Best Place to Work by Modern Healthcare. YoloCares is home to Yolo County’s only 5-Star “We Honor Veterans Program,” and is the region’s only provider that has been accepted into the National Partnership for Hospice Innovation.

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Quality is Everything!

All of the agency’s key quality indicators exceed both National and the State of California’s quality benchmarks. Founded as a grassroots community-based nonprofit, and the Sacramento Valley’s first provider of end-of-life care, the agency unapologetically values people over profit and quality over quantity.

I have been associated with YoloCares for almost 12 years. During that time I have seen the organization grow in all sorts of ways, from size to services to community engagement. In all that time, with all those changes, one thing as remained constant: its focus on delivering quality care to meet the goals of the individual patient.

—Virginia Joyce, MD, YoloCares Board Member



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YoloCares is a proud partner of the Trauma Informed Network of Care (TINOC),
an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of trauma-informed care.
Learn more about TINOC here: