Grief Support

Grief Support Services & Programs

There is no living without loss. Yet inside all loss, no matter how painful, there are seeds of hope. Loss tends to isolate us, close us down, and leave many of us feeling bewildered, alone, and like no one understands. But companionship can help us cultivate hope and grow toward healing.

To help the patients of YoloCares, their loved ones, as well as members of the wider community, the Center for Loss and Hope offers an array of services, programs, and resources free of charge.

Grief Support Groups

While no one else can walk in your shoes, there are others who are walking a similar path. Groups connect us to others and support us as we find our way.

The Center offers a variety of general and specific grief groups led by experienced facilitators. Some run year-round on a drop-in basis. Others are short-term focused on specific topics. All require registration. See our website for a current list of our groups.

One-on-one Grief Support

If you are a member of our YoloCares service family, we offer short-term, transitional, one-on-one support (up to four sessions) with our grief educators who can help you find your footing and begin your journey toward healing.

Grief Classes, Seminars, and Trainings

The Center hosts regular educational events to help the public better understand grief and recovery and practical ways we can all face our losses and cultivate hope. Our specialists can also provide in-service training, workshops, and crisis intervention for schools, companies, clubs, and other community organizations.

YoloCares for Kids: Support for Young Grievers

Designed to help children, teens, and their families cope with the terminal illness or loss of a loved one, our programs include one-on-one grief support (up to four sessions) for members of the YoloCares service family. We also offer age-appropriate support groups for young members of the public. In a safe environment and under the guidance of our grief specialists, support groups help young people develop healthy coping skills and explore their feelings.